WhatsApp Official API

$ 249 Month

Unlimited Users
Broadcast Unlimited Campaigns
Multi-Agent Live Chat
Automated CTA Based Notifications
In-Built CRM
Smart Audience Segmentation
Retargeting Campaigns
Official WhatsApp Business API Application Procedure
The Ability to Apply for the Green Tick Verification
Import and Export Contacts
Chat & Agent Analytics
Template Message API Setup
Template Submission Dashboard
Campaign Manager and Analytics
Agent Roles
Canned Messages
Setup & Maintenance
Cloud API Support and Updates
Three Hours Training
Tags <10
Attributes <5

WhatsApp Fees and Terms Apply*

WhatsApp Business Automation

$ 149 Month

Up to 3 WhastApp Accounts*
Bulk messaging
Message scheduling
Automated responses
Simple importing of new contacts
Variables in the message
Variety of message types
Random time delays in message delivery
Specific days and times
Save & Schedule campaigns for future delivery
Bulk Message Report
Single Campaign Report
Chatbot builder
Easy to use, mobile responsive UI
Send message to number not in contacts
Chatbots by keywords (Spintax capability)
Upload group contact with CSV file
Variables in the message
Variety of message types
Auto reply messages (Spintax, Except contacts)
Export WhatsApp Group Contacts
Increase message interaction with list message
File Manager: file and folder management. Manage all media for the user (Google, Dropbox, OneDrive, Image Editor)
Save and get caption: Save all your contents
Emoji Support
Dashboard: Report sent successfully or error
Manage account groups
Automatic time zone
Multilingual ready
Adobe Express – Image editor